About Us

Get Involved

Get involved? Why?

Because with your help we can make Shropshire Rural better: better at providing new homes; better at managing, maintaining and improving those homes and better at delivering the services that our tenants want and need from us.

How can you get involved? What do we want you to do?

Many people, when they think of tenant involvement, think of the traditional tenants’ associations: tenants’ associations have a place but we can do better than that.

Our homes are scattered throughout Shropshire and are often grouped in small numbers which don’t lend themselves to tenants’ associations. Not only that but not all of our tenants have the same concerns or the same motivation to become involved, not all are available at the same time and not all are able to give the same amount of time. It would be easy to say “tenant involvement is too difficult” but we believe that giving you the opportunity to influence what we do is important.

You can get involved or let us know what you think in a number of ways:

  • You can tell us what you think about our services – and we want to make it easy for you to do so, whenever it suits you.
  • You can answer our questions about particular aspects of our service – and we want to make it easy for you to respond.

We also want you to be able to communicate with us in a range of ways:

Whilst some people prefer to use e-mail, text messaging or social media, others prefer to speak to us, to meet with us, to write or complete survey forms. We aim to make it as easy as we can for you to help shape the services we provide; whether for you in particular or for our tenants and prospective tenants more generally.

This website provides our telephone number, an e-mail address and links to enquiry forms. You can also visit our offices during opening hours but if you want to see someone in particular, please make an appointment so that we can ensure that you don’t have a wasted trip.

You can expect to be contacted by us from time to time so that we can gather opinion on a range of service issues: please use the link to ‘contact us’ if you’d like to let us know how you would prefer us to contact you and, remember; please ensure that you inform us promptly of any changes to the telephone numbers and other contact details we have for you.