About Us

Shropshire Rural Housing Association: essentially, were ‘exactly what it says on the tin’ (to steal a classic advertising slogan). We’re a housing association providing housing in rural Shropshire. So what? Well here’s what:

Rural Shropshire has a distinct shortage of ‘affordable housing’: housing for people who can’t afford the high price of home ownership or, where privately rented accommodation is available, the high rents that often prevail in the private sector. Housing for people who are important to the future of rural Shropshire in so many ways and who need good quality housing at a price they can afford.

At Shropshire Rural, we’re meeting that need: ‘providing the homes that help Shropshire’s rural communities thrive’, as we like to say.

Our strategic plan, refreshed in 2017, has four core themes:

  • Developing and managing more homes in rural Shropshire
  • Helping to make, and keep, villages vibrant places
  • Raising awareness, developing & promoting our distinctive identity, and
  • Having the best team in place to deliver our ambitions

We are the longest established and the only traditional housing association with a particular focus on rural Shropshire. We want to cement our position as the ‘go to’ organisation for affordable rural housing. We have great people at Shropshire Rural. Staff and our voluntary Board Members are recruited, trained and developed with a clear purpose: to deliver the best possible service in all aspects of our work.

We will achieve our strategic aims through:

  • Strength and clarity of leadership: giving both direction and support
  • Strategy and operational planning: being clear about how, why and when things will be done and how they will be resourced
  • Transparency, accountability and performance management: being open and accountable for our actions and measuring our performance

Shropshire Rural may be a small housing association but our ambitions are far from small. Few associations of our size can claim to have:

  • Embraced renewable energy so warmly: more than one third of our homes are heated by ground source or air source heat pumps
  • Committed to extending this investment, in new build and in upgrading existing housing, to further increase the extent to which our homes offer affordable warmth
  • Utilised off-site manufacture; to deliver high quality, attractive homes with designs that are sensitive to their rural context
  • Worked with local communities to ensure that our housing meets the needs of those communities, now and into the future.

You can learn more about us and what we do by exploring this website further: please do.