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The housing provided by Shropshire Rural is widely dispersed within the County and is varied in its size, type, design and age. (Extra text if needed: Much of the housing has been built to the Association’s requirements whilst other properties have been bought on the open market and, in some cases, the property is owned by Shropshire Council but leased to and managed by Shropshire Rural. Finally, Shropshire Rural is the managing agent for the Much Wenlock Almshouses; providing management and maintenance services to the Trustees.)

This interactive map enables you to see the location of our homes and to identify the number, type and size of homes in each location.

You will also find on this page:

  • links to the Shropshire HomePoint site (through which all of our properties are let), and;
  • a link to ‘send an enquiry’, which you can use to send a message to us.

Our Property Map