About Us

Vision & Key Objectives

Here at Shropshire Rural, we’re committed to ‘providing the homes that help Shropshire’s rural communities thrive’.

Most organisations benefit from having some form of ‘strapline’, summarising what it is they do and, like most organisations, those few words in our ‘strapline’ don’t entirely describe our activities.

Before we can provide homes, we need land and planning consent, for example. We then need the funds to pay for those new homes and we need architects, quantity surveyors, solicitors, building contractors and others to turn our planning consents into homes. When our homes are completed, we then need to manage, maintain, repair and, eventually, improve our property and this needs a wide range of suppliers and contractors. We also work within the context of Shropshire Council’s strategy and policy for the delivery of affordable housing and value the Council’s guidance. In short, we don’t operate in a vacuum and we are only able to deliver on our ambitions by effectively harnessing the support of many others.

Our Strategic Plan 2017-20 attempts to convey concisely who we are, what we do and why it matters…

  • We are a long-established, Shropshire-focused registered provider of affordable housing.
  • We develop and manage good quality, affordable housing; investing in properties and communities for the long term.
  • It matters because not everyone can afford home ownership or renting from a private landlord but many have good reason to need an affordable home in rural Shropshire. For those that need us, we’re a perfect match.

To learn more about us and our plans for the future, please take a look at our Strategic Plan.