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Shropshire Rural is committed to ‘providing the homes that help Shropshire’s rural communities thrive’.  And our strategic plan 2017-2020, supplemented by our development strategy outlines how we go about providing homes in the right areas where there is a need for affordable housing in Shropshire.

There are various ways in which we provide affordable housing including “off the shelf” purchases and our own newbuild developments.  For new housing, we are always on the lookout for sites we might be able to develop for affordable housing.  Our developments are usually small in size – sometimes only 3-4 properties, as we are aiming to meet affordable housing needs in small communities.

As the homes we build are to meet local needs, it is not our job to be prescriptive about the size and type of homes we build – it all depends on what is needed.  As a result of this approach, over the years we have developed homes for families, single people and bungalows for older people.

If you own or know of any pieces of land that you think might be suitable for affordable housing in Shropshire, we would be keen to speak to you.  Please get in touch using the form below with as much information you have and we will get back to you as soon as possible.